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Shanti Vyom is a certified Reiki Master Teacher under the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage.


In 2004, she received her level 1 attunement from Lalit Mohan Puri (RMT) of Kolkata, India. After 14 years of self practice, she began training under Lori Alderman (RMT) of North Carolina, USA, receiving her level 2 - 3 - Master Teacher attunements in 2018. 

Shanti has a holistic, old-soul approach to healing. Along with energy medicine, she speaks of meditation, mental health awareness, yoga, Sattvik - Vegan diet, Ayurveda and herbal medicine as healing modalities to be used in unison with Reiki.

She has worked with clients through anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma and stressor-related disorders, substance abuse / addiction recovery, cancer, post-surgery recovery and with those experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Meet Shanti

Come, have some tea


Namaste and welcome. I'm so happy to share this sacred space and my story with you.

I remember when Reiki first found me. I was 13 years old, had never heard of the term and hadn't yet accepted the fact that my peculiar personal experiences (precognitive dreams, metaphysical sleep paralysis, sensitive to and perceptive of others) had everything to do with energy.

I suppose that is the beauty of our journey. We are always in the right place, and all that is meant for us finds its way to us.


For several years, I used Reiki in my daily practice as a way of de-stressing and relaxation.  But it wasn't until experiencing trauma in my personal life and the spiritual awakening that followed did I fully give myself to Reiki. 


Energy is all that there is and we are to deepen our relationship with it.

In Gratitude,


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