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A 50 minute hands-on healing session.


The treatment begins with an intention meditation to find the session's focus. The 7 main chakras along with high energy movement areas like shoulders, palms of hands, knees, ankles and soles of feet receive energy through touch. Aroma therapy and sound healing meditation music are used as aids.

Sliding Scale Dana: $55 - $85


A 50 minute virtual or in-person session.


Herbal consults follow the tradition of modern herbalism and Ayurveda. Keeping in view dosha type, medical history and current health aspirations, dry herbs, medicinal teas, essential oils and nutritional therapy may be suggested. This session is for educational purposes only.

Sliding Scale Dana: $35 - $55


A 50 minute virtual or in-person session.


1:1 healing conversations are collaborative sessions that strive to create a balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Sessions are guided by individual needs and aspirations. Modalities such as mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and Ayurveda may be prescribed as aids in the healing journey.

Sliding Scale Dana: $55 - $85

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